MOJAVE, CA 93501


Firestar Technologies™ (formerly Firestar Engineering) is an Aerospace and Energy R&D company that specializes in the development and commercialization of technologies for advanced chemical propulsion and power systems as well as related diagnostic and spaceflight instrumentation. Firestar Technologies™ NOFBX monopropulsion systems (currently under development) are gaining visibility within the aerospace sector for commercial and NASA applications. Firestar Technologies™ monopropulsion systems outperform heritage space-storable propulsion systems across the board. Specifically, they are non-toxic, higher energy density, generate more thrust for a given mass flow rate in rocket applications, are very stable for storage and handling conditions, and can be operated over extreme hot and cold temperatures.

At Firestar Technologies™ we like to say that we are working our way down. NOFBX monopropellants were originally invented for far-out, deep space science missions under contract oversight from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech. Now NOFBX monopropellants and their associated hardware are also being developed for applications progressively closer to home under contract oversight from DARPA, NASA JSC, NASA MSFC, NASA KSC, and NASA Glenn. Recently, Firestar Technologies™ has developed prototype systems that operate within the earth’s atmosphere for high altitude power applications at altitudes greater than 40,000 ft. One day we hope to develop launch systems with many thousands of pounds of thrust which will operate from the Earth’s surface. Advancements in engine design and materials for handling high performance rocket fuels at Firestar Technologies™ have already manifested in intellectual property for significantly improving fuel economy in next generation fuel/air engines (e.g. automobile engines) operating on the ground.

Firestar Technologies™ list of projects includes development of NOFBX monopropulsion systems for a wide array of applications from spacecraft thrusters for manned and unmanned applications to high performance power plants, gas excavation technologies, advanced imaging and spectroscopy instruments for gas sensing and surface analysis, as well as energetically deployed inflatable/rigidizable materials.

As an advanced research and development company, Firestar has also successfully completed a number of NASA and DOD awards in related research fields ranging from space instrumentation, advanced composites, and planetary exploration.

Our fast turn around, dynamic small business environment, and in-depth attention to engineering detail distinguishes Firestar among engineering firms.  In addition to our core technologies, Firestar actively engages in all aspects of innovative research and product development.